Becca Joy Design

Fully designed and constructed a series of superhero costumes for the Ovarian Cancer Alliance "Trust Your Gut" champaign. 

 "Trust Your Gut" champaign is to help promote and raise awareness of ovarian cancer in women.

This is an amazing campaign and project to raise awareness of ovarian cancer in women.

This group of women and their promoters were absolutely amazing to work with!! Such strong and beautiful women... it has been a pleasure to work with all of you on this, and I cannot wait to see how this grows and influences women everywhere!

Please find them on Facebook and other social media and help us raise the awareness of ovarian cancer. It can happen to any woman at any age, and we want our love ones and all women to be aware of this and to have the help and support they need to fight through it!
They are truly superheroes in this day and age, and we hope that this message extends outward!
Thank you!


Photography - Andy Batt
©Andy Batt Studio
Producer - Therese Gietler

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